Race Director Resources

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The best place to start if you are planning a race is with our Planning Worksheet for Race Directors. This is a simple excel document containing a fairly comprehensive outline for putting on a successful race. You can download this document HERE.

Race Directors using the Mag 7 Online Registration System can access and download entry information through this site.  When your race is set up in the system, we assign a User Name and Password to you.  You will then follow these steps to access and download your registration information.  This information will be available to you at all times.

Here is the information for ACCESSING your RACE ENTRIES on our new website registration system.  Go to our Website Portal at:

  1. http://mag7raceseries.com/wp-login.php/
  2. Enter the User Name and Password

This information was provided to you in the email sent by WordPress when we set up your account.  (If you have forgotten it, please contact:  info@mag7raceseries.com and we will send it to you).  When we set your account, the default password was “password

  1. On the left side of the screen CLICK on EVENTS
  4. CLICK on the name of your race
  5. On the left hand side is a small icon with “CVS” imprinted – this is your DOWNLOAD button.
  6. Click on the CVS

You should have all the information you need for shirt sizes and entrants.  Contact us should you have problems.

The following are professionals who have supplied race timing for nearly all the Mag 7 Races. We do not endorse one over the other – this information serves only as a resource.

Ethan Page
Crossroads Events and Timing

Kelly Smith
Frontrunner Timing

Bill Bartley
INTIMECO Productions
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

Jeff Niewedde
Indiana Timing

The following vendors are ones who have supplied t-shirts for a number of Mag 7 Races. We do not endorse one over the other – this information serves as only a resource.

Joe Galuoppo, Owner
5981 E. State Rd. 45
Bloomington, IN 47402
(812) 339-6479


My Sports Locker
LeeAnna Powell
1909 S. Walnut Street
Bloomington, In. 47401


Race Trackers
Del Backs, President
4405 Golf View Dr
Spencer, In. 47460
877-434-3982 Toll Free
812-325-6747 Cell

Winters & Associates
Tammy Brannon, Sales Director
1048 W. 17th St.
PO Box 2579
Bloomington, IN 47404

Axis Apparel
Logan Keith or Kate Keith
639 N. Morton St.
Bloomington, IN 47404
812-650-2538 (Keith)
812-320-4838 (Kate)


The following are professionals who can provide print materials and signage. We do not endorse anyone – this information serves only as a resource.

(Flyers/Posters/Registration Sheets/Etc)
Midwest Color Printing
Maranda Richardson, Sales Manager
2511 W 3rd Street, Suite B
Bloomington, Indiana 47404

(Yard signs/Banners/Promotional products/Etc)
Maranda Richardson, Owner
2511 W 3rd Street, Suite B
Bloomington, Indiana 47404



Online Registration:

We now offer our OWN, IN-HOUSE, Online Registration for your event through our site.  Here is our NEW fee structure:


  • 4% for Credit Card Fee
  • PLUS: $0.85 per entry (Mag 7 race)


  • 5% for Credit Card Fee (Non-Mag 7 races)
  • PLUS: $1.00 per entry

Other systems (such as Eventbrite, Active, Sign Me Up, and Event Bee) charge substantially more.  Here are some examples of charges:

  • 2.5% of the ticket price PLUS $0.99 per entry PLUS a 3% processing fee
  • 5% for online fees and for the credit card fees (2% for online charges, 3% or credit card charges) PLUS:  $0.99 per entry

For their “Services” (and substantially higher costs to YOU) each of these systems has access to the DATA from YOUR ENTRIES.  That does NOT occur now.  We control all the data, and that means YOU control the data.

The Mag 7 requires the online fee to be the same as the mail-in fee to be a part of the Mag 7 Race Series.   You MUST use the Mag 7 Online Entry System to be listed as a Mag 7 Race.  Non-Mag 7 races using our service will also be assessed a $50.00 fee for the series.

Mag 7 Voucher:

We require each race to accept the 10% OFF Mag 7 Voucher.  Each entry using the Mag 7 Voucher will receive a discount on the total order of 10%.  The race will get the entry fee minus the 10% discount in their final payout from online fees gathered by the Mag 7.

One of the most requested and used areas of the Mag 7 website is the Race Results page. We are committed to posting results from those races which are a part of our series. Those results may be found on the Race Results tab. The Mag 7 will also make available, when time allows, the posting of non-Mag 7 results. Please provide those results to us through our “Contact Us” tab and we will endeavor to post the results when we are able.

When submitting race results to the Mag 7 please include:

  1. Overall Place
  2. Bib Number
  3. Time
  4. First and Last Name
  5. Age
  6. Male/Female designation
  7. Age Group (if your race has age groups)

This will assist us in assigning Mag 7 Series points to your participants.

For both Mag 7 and non-Mag 7 events: We CANNOT post results if we do not receive them. It is the responsibility of each race director to provide results for posting.

This website was created and is managed by volunteers. We do not control any of the races in the series, we only promote and support the individual races of the series. We work closely with each race director to assure we post the following information prior to every race in the Mag 7 Road Race Series:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Start Time
  • City in which race is held
  • Race Director name, phone number and email
  • Race flyer or link to downloadable flyer
  • Link to race or online registration website

We have posted a recent article provided by Road Runners Club of America concerning contract basics of running either a club or an event. It is a good primer to help reduce the possiblity of litigation. This document IS NOT a replacement for legal council, it is only a starting resource. You MUST consult an attorney for specific guidance in the matters discussed in this article. You can download this document HERE.
The Mag 7 can provide USAT&F course certification. The cost is as follows:

  • 5K is $300
  • 10K is $500
  • Mini-Marathon is $1,000
  • Marathon is $1,500.

If you are interested in having your course certified, please contact the Mag 7 at info@mag7raceseries.com.  Please have available:

  • Suggested Course Map for your event
  • Plan for on-course volunteer support to protect participants
  • Any event restrictions you may have we should be aware of

The Mag 7 will work with you to determine a SAFE running route, and we will identify areas of concern on your course for which additional support/security is suggested.  We will file the paperwork with the USATF and assure your certification is filed and updated to the USATF website.  Each certification is good for 10 years.

We recommend you use the following links to find a wealth of information on planning, organizing and conducting a road race.