How the Mag 7 Race Series Works

How Do I Enter?
It’s easy to get involved in the Mag 7 Championship Series. All you need to do is simply enter one of the races in the series and we’ll do the rest. Really. It’s that simple.

After each race, we compile the results and assign points based on the information noted here. We track your progress at each race (be sure to always enter under the same name!) and update the standings on a monthly basis – sometimes more frequently.

We track any points you receive over the course of a “Season.”  For the Mag 7, our “Season” is the calendar year.  Our first race is in March and the last in December.  After the last race, we compile the results and announce our winners.  To be eligible to “win” an age group or the overall series championship you must participate in at least 4 races.

The Mag 7 distributes points in in the Age Groups shown to the right. Individual races MAY choose NOT to use these same age groups for race day awards.  Please see the individual race information on this site, or the race flyer to determine the age groups.

The Championship Series

OPEN Division: Magnificent 7 Champion:

Awarded to overall male & female runners acquiring the highest points total for the season.  The 2nd and 3rd place overall season finishers will also be recognized.

MASTERS Division:  Magnificent 7 Champion:

We recognize a Masters Champion for those 40 and over.  Top overall male & female runners over 40 years of age acquiring the highest points total for the season will be recognized.  The 2nd and 3rd place overall MASTERS level season finishers will also be recognized.  (MASTERS Division is age 40 and over – but you may opt out to compete in the Open Division)

Age Group Competition awards:

Awarded to top Male & Female runners in each of the designated age groups.  The winner of the age group is the only runner eligible to attend the Championship Banquet at the end of the season.

Walker Awards:

The top 5 Male & Female Walkers will be recognized by the Magnificent 7.  No Age Group winners are recognized by the series.

Age Group Categories


The age group in which a participant is placed is his/her age on the FIRST COMPLETED RACE OF THE SEASON.  After the first race, should the participant go from 34-years old to 35-years old, the participant will continue to be counted in the INITIAL AGE GROUP.

13 & Under












70 & Over

How We Assign Points

The Championship Series automatically tracks your points for any Mag 7 Running Event in which you participate.  You do not need to do anything but participate.  Here’s how we assign the points.  We count ONLY the placements from your TOP 14 Finishes.  You may run as many races as you wish.  At the end of the season, we will only take the top 14 placements.  You will also receive BONUS points for every 7 races you run.  (This does NOT apply to walkers.  All events are counted).

Top 3 Overall Per Race

10 Points = 1st Place

9 Points = 2nd Place

8 Points = 3rd Place

Top 7 Age Group Runners (M/F)
Top 7 Overall Walkers (M/F)

7 Points = 1st Place in Age Group/Walk

6 Points = 2nd Place in Age Group/Walk

5 Points = 3rd Place in Age Group/Walk

4 Points = 4th Place in Age Group/Walk

3 Points = 5th Place in Age Group/Walk

2 Points = 6th Place in Age Group/Walk

1 Point = 7th Place in Age Group/Walk

Bonus Points Every 7 Races

7 BONUS Points = When participating in 7 events

14 BONUS Points = When participating in 14 events

21 BONUS Points = When participating in 21 events

28 BONUS Points = When participating in 28 events

The Series

The Magnificent 7 Road Race series does not organize and manage the races of the series.  Each and every race is autonomous and managed at the local race level.

The Mag 7 Race Series is an All-Volunteer, unpaid, “for the love of running” Organization which only Promotes & Markets local road racing from a central location – this website.

The Mag 7 Race Series takes the results of a selected group of races and assigns points to the placements.  We track every runner who participates in any of the affiliated Mag 7 races throughout the year.  When the season is complete, we award the top 3 overall runners in both the Open Class and Masters Class (40 years of age and older) as well as the first place finisher in each Age Group.  We also award the top 5 overall walkers for the season as well.  We count the top 14 finishes you record for any of the races of the Mag 7 Race Series.  In addition, we reward participation through prizes every 7 races (i.e., the hats).

Championship Banquet

The top 3 runners (m/f) of the open and masters divisions are invited to our annual Championship Banquet.  In addition, the top 5 walkers (m/f) and the winners (m/f) of each age group (top placement only) are also invited. (Note: Age Group winners must participate in at least 4 races to be eligible for the banquet).  We strive to hold the banquet before the start of the next season, but the date is typically announced in early January when possible.  The series pays for everything but the drinks!  Winners may invite a guest (for those under 17 – they may invite a parent) for a small cost.  We hand out medals and championship shirts to everyone.  The banquet is paid for by donations from local businesses and from the Mag 7 fundraiser.

History of the Series

Dr. Jerry Ruff started the Magnificent Seven Race Series in 1997 in large part to get people to participate and compete in area races.  Dr. Ruff is the sole reason we now have a well-known local race source you know as the Mag 7 Race Series.  Doc went around to races in the 7 counties of the series and cobbled together a schedule of races.  Then, he went out and solicited support from local businesses to help him buy incentives for giveaways at the races to reward those who participate in the series on a regular basis.

From those early days to now, the entire series is indebted to our founder, Doc Ruff, and we will continue to manage and promote this series as a non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to supporting local road races in his honor.  Come around to a race when you can – you may run into Doc at the starting line!