The Basics

Each year, a select number of local races are selected to make up our Mag 7 Race Series (sometimes called the Mag 7 Championship Series) We take the results from each of the races in the series and then we code the results to include our MAG 7 POINTS (see the “About Us” tab). We then track and post these results throughout the year. The purpose of the Mag 7 Race Series is to provide a competitive atmosphere over a selection of races. There is no cost to join, if you run a Mag 7 race, your points will be tracked. That simple. Under the “About Us” tab is a great deal of information about the tracking of results, the age groups, and the overall champions categories. Here are some specifics about HOW races become a part of the series

Mag 7 Race Series is not a Race Management company

The Mag 7 Race Series is a volunteer managed PROMOTIONAL and MARKETING support organization. We do NOT manage and organize races, we simply provide both marketing support and some necessary race items to help those races of the series have a successful event. No one working with the Mag 7 Race Series receives any payment of any kind for our volunteer work.  We are not a company and you are not our customers.  All of us are avid runners and are simply donating our time to maintain a social and competitive running series for every runner at any competitive or non-competitive level.

What does it mean to be a Mag 7 Race?

A select number of local races make up our Mag 7 Race Series. We take the results from each of the races in the series and then we code the results to include our MAG 7 POINTS (which is outlined under the “about us” tab). We track every runner who participates in any of the affiliated Mag 7 races throughout the year. When the season is completed, we hold a Championship Banquet and award the overall top runners and top Age Group Winners in both the Open Class and Masters Class (40 years of age and older). We also award the top overall walkers for the season as well.

How a race is added to the Mag 7 Road Race Championship Series

Our group of volunteers work together to determine if a race should be included as part of the Mag 7 Race Series.  This process is done in partnership with the race director of the individual races.  Those of us who volunteer with the Mag 7 are runners.  We love the atmosphere and fun of the local races and we want to help insure when going to a “Mag 7” race you enjoy yourself and have a pleasant experience.  Therefore, we have discussions and reach a consensus as to what races will be added – and which will remain from year to year – based on the feedback of runners, our own experiences at the races, and the relationship we have with the race director.

We consider many things:

  • The experience of the race director
  • Past involvement of the race director (or members of the race planning team) with other Mag 7 races
  • Planning – is there a course map, is it certified for distance, is a race timer booked, logistics, is there prepared registration materials like a flyer, etc.
  • Date of the race (see more details below)
  • Location – we primarily target the 7 counties of the Mag 7 (the basis of our name!) with some exceptions

 Date of Race

Our Mag 7 Race Series yearly schedule shows ONLY Mag 7 Races and their dates.  No race will be considered for adding to the series if the race falls on the same date as a currently schedule Mag 7 race.  We will only consider adding a race which is not in conflict.  The schedule may change rapidly, so the longer lead for the event, the better.  Being added to the series in any given year does not automatically assure we can keep your race in the series each year should it conflict with other longer-standing races.

Legacy Races

The Mag 7 Race Series began in 1997.  It was a non-competitive series (we did not track results for the year) until 2008.  Since 2008 it has been a competitive race series.  The original races of 1997 which are still with us are the “Legacy Races” of the series.  They receive the courtesy of “first dibs” on their race date from year to year.  Our legacy races are:

  1. Bedford Fitness Challenge 5K
  2. YMCA Spring Running Festival
  3. Run for Habitat (Indiana University Chapter)
  4. Ellettsville Quarters for Kids 5K (now called, Dollars for Scholars)
  5. Bedford Limestone Classic 5K
  6. YMCA Fall Fitness 5K & 10K (ended in 2013)
  7. Martinsville Fall Foliage Festival 5K
  8. Reindeer Romp 5K

Original Members

We also do all we can to accommodate the “Original Members” of the Competitive Series (begun in 2008).  The original member races (in addition to the Legacy Races) which are still with us are:

  1. Apple Festival 5K
  2. Bloomington 5K Breakaway
  3. Cabin Fever 5K
  4. Friends of McCormick Creek 5K
  5. Judah Jog Heritage Days 5K
  6. Mid-Summer Challenge
  7. Morgan County Fallen Officer’s Memorial 5K
  8. Persimmon Festival 5K
  9. Race for Literacy 5K (Eastfest)
  10. Run to the Creek 5K
  11. Springville 5K

Combined with the Legacy Races, our Original Members list is made up of 19 total races.

Race Planning and Other Support Material

If you are planning a race – whether it is a Mag 7 Race or Other Area Race – please access and use our race resources located under the RACE DIRECTOR tab in our menu.

We also have available to our Mag 7 Races the following materials which you may use for your event at NO CHARGE:

  1. Pop Up Tents (2)
  2. Mile Markers (1 through 6 miles)
  3. Course direction signs
  4. Safety Vests for volunteers
  5. Stop/Slow signs for intersections
  6. Loud Speaker system
  7. Bib Numbers

Other Area Races are Supported

The Mag 7 Road Race website promotes ALL local area races without charge.  It cost nothing to be added to our master calendar of road races.  All races, by default, are added as “Other Area Races” and they are NOT included in the Mag 7 Race Series.  Even if your race is not a part of the Mag 7 Race Series, you may list your race on our calendar and you may use our Online Registration Service.  Just go to Submit Your Race and input the details.