Not Necessarily the Top 10 (11) Reasons to Participate

These are not necessarily the top 10 (actually 11) reasons to participate in the Mag 7 Road Race Series:

  1. An opportunity to see parts of central Indiana, by foot, you may never have seen.
  2. Each event is unique. Sort of like a mini-vacation.
  3. Maybe your only opportunity to ever receive a standing ovation (if you win an age group award).
  4. The Solsberry Hornet is worth the entry fee just for the home made goodies.
  5. A chance to meet new friends and socialize with old ones.
  6. Each event provides an opportunity to support a worthy cause.
  7. Opportunities to win some great (or not so great) door prizes.
  8. Discover quaint little Indiana towns you didn’t know existed, e.g. Springville, Solsberry, Patricksberg, Judah.
  9. Numerous opportunities to run/walk the “flat“ courses in and around Bloomington.
  10. Add to your shirt collection.
  11. An opportunity to win one of the famous boxes of “Ruff Stuff”, compliments of the Mag7 founder Dr. Ruff. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.