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New Voucher for Mag 7 Races

We’ve made one significant change to our online registration system for 2014 – we’ve added a “Shopping Cart” to allow you to do multiple entries over multiple events all at one time!  To do we had to make a change in the way we do our voucher discount program.  So, starting now, when you use the Mag 7 Voucher for any race – you will receive a 10% reduction in the overall entry fee – so races with higher entry fees give you more savings and the races with smaller entry fees will not take a big hit for offering lower prices.  In addition, individual races will NOT be required to accept the 10% discount on day of the race or by mail.  The only way you can get the 10% savings is to register online.

Website Updates

As you may have guessed – we have been updating our website in preparation for the 2014 season.  You will continue to see a number of changes for the next week or so and then we should be set.  It is our hope this will streamline and simplify the use of the site as we move more-and-more to internal control while reducing our dependency on outside vendors (which cost races and runners more money!).  Thanks for your patience.