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7 Run Club Recipients

CONGRATULATIONS to our first group of “7 RACE CLUB” recipients. These runners and walkers have competed in 7 events of the Mag 7 Race Series! (and they did it within the first 10 events…). Here are the hats they will receive this year – and we will be distributing them to the recipients at an upcoming race – most likely the Solsberry Hornet Run. Stay tuned for details – and keep running – 7 events gets a hat, 14 events get a custom bag. See “Participation” on this website for more details.
Joanne Allee
Jerry Davis
Patrick Dunigan
Karen Franks
Steve Graf
Roger Hall
Dave Ingalls
Doug Kendall
Sandy Kendall
Richard Lucas
Eric MacPhail
Rick Scherer
Roger Stout
Caleb Winders
Jen Winders


New Participation Awards

Please take a look at our Participation Awards ( new for 2016.  Be sure to scroll to the bottom for info on how to win Cash Prizes!

Not Necessarily the Top 10 (11) Reasons to Participate

These are not necessarily the top 10 (actually 11) reasons to participate in the Mag 7 Road Race Series:

  1. An opportunity to see parts of central Indiana, by foot, you may never have seen.
  2. Each event is unique. Sort of like a mini-vacation.
  3. Maybe your only opportunity to ever receive a standing ovation (if you win an age group award).
  4. The Solsberry Hornet is worth the entry fee just for the home made goodies.
  5. A chance to meet new friends and socialize with old ones.
  6. Each event provides an opportunity to support a worthy cause.
  7. Opportunities to win some great (or not so great) door prizes.
  8. Discover quaint little Indiana towns you didn’t know existed, e.g. Springville, Solsberry, Patricksberg, Judah.
  9. Numerous opportunities to run/walk the “flat“ courses in and around Bloomington.
  10. Add to your shirt collection.
  11. An opportunity to win one of the famous boxes of “Ruff Stuff”, compliments of the Mag7 founder Dr. Ruff. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Website Updates

We are making changes in the way the CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES results are posted.  You are now able to also see previous championship series final results through a drop down menu from the 2008 season (the first in which we did the championship) through current standings.

2014 Championship Series Final Standings Posted

Congratulations to all our 2014 Championship Series winners.  Take a look at the Series Standings on the menu or click the download button to the right to see the final results for last year’s series.  The Mag 7 Championship Series Banquet will be announced shortly – but expect it to be in May.


Championship Banquet is Scheduled!!!

To all our 2013 Mag 7 Championship Series overall and age group winners — the Banquet is finally scheduled.  Mark your calendars and save-the-date:  Sunday, October 19, 2014 at 5:30 PM at the Irish Lion (upstairs dining room) in Bloomington, Indiana.  The winners will be notified both by email and US Postal Service mail.  The winners will receive dinner, a champions shirt, and a custom-made Mag 7 Championship Medal.  I’ve listed the winners below.  Look for your invitation by email and in the mail within the next week.

Men’s Overall Champion Peter Wegener
Men’s 2nd Overall Justin Graham
Men’s 3rd Overall Tim Ryder
Women’s Overall Champion Jill Vance
Women’s 2nd Overall Christina Henry
Women’s 3rd Overall Mackenzie Carver
Men’s Masters Champion Chris Jackson
Men’s Masters 2nd Overall Ethan Michelson
Men’s Masters 3rd Overall Padraic Kenney
Women’s Masters Champion Linda Cullison
Women’s Masters 2nd Overall Jayme McAlister
Women’s Masters 3rd Overall Kristy Endris
1-8 Female Eva Bryant
1-8 Male Gabriel Herrera
9-10 Female Clara Brekke
9-10 Male Ethan Uhls
11-12 Female Samantha Russel
11-12 Male Marino Dolph
13-14 Female Ashley Reynolds
13-14 Male Miles Main
15-16 Female Amanda Hearth
15-16 Male Jacob Oeding
17-18 Female Angela Kendall
17-18 Male Robbie Dolph
19-24 Female Becky Boyle
19-24 Male Ryan Wells
25-29 Female Sara Daehn
25-29 Male Jean-Francois Gout
30-34 Female Andrea Betz
30-34 Male Jeff Kleinlein
35-39 Female Melissa Myers
35-39 Male Bill Moore
40-44 Female Sandy Kendall
40-44 Male Doug Uhls
45-49 Female Sandra Kelly
45-49 Male Jimmy Banks
50-54 Female Mona Gould
50-54 Male Michael Shermis
55-59 Female Susan DeMoss
55-59 Male Jack Kirby
60-64 Female Bert Pippenger
60-64 Male Jim Page
64-69 Female Becky Appelman
64-69 Male Lance Daugherty
70&O Female Barbara Hanauer
70&O Male Joe Liechty
1st Walk Male Dan Leach
2nd Walk Male Steve Graf
3rd Walk Male Steven Floyd
4th Walk Male Steven Turner
5th Walk Male James Canning
1st Walk Female Joanne Allee
2nd Walk Female Lynn Uhls
3rd Walk Female Lori Leichter
4th Walk Female Rachel Chastain
5th Walk Female Kortni Peek

Banquet News

Yes, we will have a 2013 Championship banquet this year!  Kelly is working hard to try and create a nice event at the Salt Creek Brewery.  We’ve had the banquet in Bloomington the last couple of years and we thought it would be nice to move it around!  Hang in there, we are working on details as fast as we can…